Mirror Message Clue

One really neat riddle is one that can only be read by holding it up to a mirror. These riddles are a lot of fun and they are actually quite easy to make. There are two ways that you can go about creating the clues. One on the computer and one by hand.

If you want to create the clue on the computer and have a printer available here is an easy way to create your mirror message:

  • First, go into Word or your favorite word processor and type out you message
  • Highlight the text and use the “copy” function on your computer
  • Then open the program Paint. This can be found by clicking the start button and clicking on the accessories folder
  • Then paste you message into paint
  • Choose the drop-down menu for image and choose Flip/Rotate
  • Then click “Flip Horizontal” and save the image
  • Print the image and your message is done!

If that seemed too hard or you want to write the clue by hand there is another way. However, this way results in a messier looking message:

  • Get some paper, a mirror and a hard surface to write on (a book works well)
  • Now hold the paper up on the hard surface so you can see the page in the mirror
  • Looking in the mirror write the message out… this will feel strange! It might take a few tries

So there you have it, two ways to make an exciting new clue for your scavenger hunt. Now you’ll need to hide it close to a mirror. In the previous clue (whether sent via text message or otherwise) lead the hunter to the message and give a clue to the fact that it will need to be held up to the mirror.

Birthday Road Rally using Text Messages

Here’s a fun idea for a birthday party for a crowd old enough to have cars (or those with willing parents).  You can set up a text message road rally using TextClues.

First everyone needs to start from the same location and this will be more fun in groups.  Also everyone will need a cell phone – just don’t text and drive! Here we go:

Clue: Welcome to Tracy’s road rally 2012! Head to the shopping mall and get a picture by the fountain.  Check the mall map, what store is at 4D?

Answer: Body Shop

Clue: Head down to the beach. How many wooden posts are there for volleyball nets?

Answer: 40

Clue: Drive to the public pool. How many feet deep is the shallow end?

Answer: 4.5

Clue: Go to the library. How many bookcases are there in the lower level?

Answer: 27

Clue: Head to the pizza pizza. What kind of pizza is combo 7?

Answer: Hawaiian

Clue: Drive over to the Walmart parking lot. What color is the sign on the east corner?

Answer: Orange

Clue: The next stop is the high school. What month was the school founded (find the plaque).

Answer: March

Clue: Make your way to Gateway Park. Who is the oak tree at the entrance dedicated to?

Answer: Deborah Wright

Clue: Next stop is the train station. How many stairs head underground?

Answer: 83

Clue: Go to the church. What color are the 4 flowers around the back on the northwest side?

Answer: Purple

Winning Message: You completed the car rally! Head back home for the birthday cake!

You can also use our randomize feature to send each group these text clues in a different order.

Sound like fun? Try our free demo to make your own text message road rally.

Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Continuing the theme of Father’s Day, here are some more ideas for scavenger hunts for dad on his special day.  With Textclues set up your clues ahead of time, make sure he’s got his cell phone and sit back and watch the fun.


Give him clues that lead him all over the house and plant a few outside too. Each clue should lead him to the answer, and at the end of the hunt you could have a gift bag with his cards & gifts inside.   Here are some ideas using clues and riddles.  With some of the clues the answers are written on paper and dad would text back the answer, then he would receive a text with a riddle to solve, after solving it then the new clue would be sent by text to him and so on until the scavenger hunt is done.  Just explain to him he has to reply to the text with the answer each time to get the next clue.

Here’s a sample

Clue:  For your first clue go check the garage and look under the car, text the word that you see written on paper there

Answer:  (written on a note under the car):  Shoe


Clue:  Solve this riddle for the next clue:  A farmer had seventeen sheep, all but nine died, how many did he have left?

Answer:  nine, 9


Clue:  Well done!  Now go find the white shoe which has the next clue and reply with it too.  (Hint) check the laundry room

Answer (written on paper hidden in shoe):  Deck


Clue:  Another riddle for you:  Take off my skin – I won’t cry, but you will, what am I?

Answer:  An onion


Clue:   Outside on the deck under the BBQ I want you to check, whatever you find text me back

Answer:  cup


Clue:  Can you answer this riddle:  What can you catch but not throw?

Answer:  A cold


Clue:   Check the cupboard where the cup belongs and look up, text me the word you find there

Answer: ” Teapot”  (write this word on a piece of paper you can stick to above the shelf holding the cups in the cupboard)


Clue:  You’re good at riddles so I’ll test you on this one:  What travels around the world yet stays in one corner?

Answer:  A Stamp



Clue:  The teapot contains a nice clue which tells you the next thing to do, look for it & once you find it text the answer which is inside.

Answer:  Basement


Clue:  The basement has your next clue, check beside the light and we’ll see if you get it right, text the word you see there

Answer:  Mirror


Clue:  Beside one of the mirrors in our house is the last clue you’ll need to do, when you see what is says text your answer and receive your last riddle to answer for a prize.

Answer:  Prize


Clue:  Here is your last riddle to solve:  What has to be broken before it’s consumed?

Answer:  An egg


When he answer this last riddle, a text is sent leading him to his card and gift.

Final Text:  Congratulations dad!  Check inside the trunk of the car for your gift!!

Try a free demo now.

Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Here’s an example of a Father’s Day text message scavenger hunt that you can send your dad on his special day. Just make sure he has his cell phone handy.

Clue: What’s your favorite bbq food?

Answer: Steak

Clue: Go check out back on the bbq. How many steaks are cooking?

Answer: Four, 4

Clue: Should be tasty! What’s your favorite beer?

Answer: Heineken

Clue: Go check in the fridge. There’s a few waiting for you! What sport is playing on the tv?

Answer: Baseball

Clue: Should be a great game. Look under the couch for your card. Reply ‘done’ when you’ve read it.

Answer: Done

Clue: How many types of potato chips are on the table?

Answer: Three, 3

Clue: What color are the napkins?

Answer: Red

Clue: Go look in the kitchen. What’s cooking in the oven?

Answer: Baked potatoes, potatoes

Clue: Now go down to the basement for a surprise. What is it?

Answer: Baseball cap

Winning Message: Happy Father’s Day!! Go watch the game and relax, steaks will be ready soon :)

Create your own text message scavenger hunt with our demo.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt

You can use Text Clues to create for a fun birthday party scavenger hunt for a group of kids. Everyone will need a cell phone so they can receive text messages.

Clue: Welcome to the birthday scavenger hunt! First question, who’s birthday is it? Reply with the answer

Answer: Jacob

Clue: Yes. How old is he turning?

Answer: 11, eleven

Clue: Go into the kitchen and get your balloon. Pop it and find the next clue inside. Reply with the answer.

Answer: blue

Clue: Get your shoes on and run around the block. When you get back to the house reply: done

Answer: done

Clue: Now head to the back yard and jump 10 times on the trampoline. When you’re finished reply: done

Answer: done

Clue: Go to the back yard. Grab the hula hoop and twirl it around your waist 20 times. When you’re finished reply: done

Answer: done

Clue: Go to the front yard. Play the bean bag game until you get them all into the hole. When you’re finished reply: done

Answer: done

Clue: Go to the garage and play a game of twister. When you’re finished reply: done

Answer: done

Clue: How many trees are there around the house.

Answer: 4, four

Winning Message: Congratulations you won! Head back to the kitchen for some ice cream cake!

You can also use our shuffle feature to make sure each participant gets the clues in a random order. Try our free demo to see how you can send a birthday text message scavenger hunt.

Brain Teasers and TextClues

Does your family love a challenging puzzle or brain teaser? Well if they do why not make a fun activity, with some friendly competition, that everyone can enjoy! I’m talking about making a brain teaser quiz completed using text messages.

First you need a list of brain teasers and puzzles to ask the participants.  There are some great websites that provide riddles off all difficulties for free. A few of the most popular sites include:

Go through these sites and you’ll find lots of fun clues that you’ll be able to use.  When you have a good list ready you can create a quiz to be sent to the whole family over their mobile phones! It will send a text message with the puzzle, riddle or brain teaser and they have to try and text back the correct answer. If they get the answer correct then the next riddle is sent automatically. They will have three chances to get the correct answer before being given the answer and the next riddle.

You can score the answers as follows:

     Answer on:      Points Awarded:
     Guess 1      3
     Guess 2      2
     Guess 3      1

Once everyone is done with their quiz you can see easily online how many guesses each person took for each puzzle. So tally up all the points and determine the winner! This is a great activity for a games night and making teams will just add to the fun.

Give it a try using TextClues and let us know how much fun you had. Or test out a few riddles using the demo to see it work for yourself.

Movie Theme Trivia Game for a Family Reunion

If you’re trying to plan some fun activities for a family reunion, how about organizing a fun  trivia game based on movies we’ve all seen. With an easy-to-use and ready made tool like TextClues you can easily involve everyone in the fun as long as they have a mobile phone. Great for small or large groups and all ages. Everything can be set up beforehand and on the day you can relax and enjoy the fun.

A movie theme trivia game is a great way to involve the whole family in a fun activity. To get your trivia game started, think about whether you want everyone to play as individuals or you could also divide them up into teams, depending on the age groups.


First, decide on how many questions you’d like your trivia game  to include and start jotting down some ideas. You can include movie categories based on the people attending your reunion. Lots of kids means more questions geared towards that age group, older family members would more likely remember some of the old classics, you choose your own questions. If you decide on teams, mix up the age groups so everyone has a chance to answer the questions.
Next, think of some prizes for the winners, either an individual prize or enough for the members of a team.  Movie tickets would be a good choice, maybe packaged in gift bags.

Here are a few suggestions for clues to get your trivia game started:
Clue: Which of the witches was killed when Dorothy’s house landed in Oz?
Answer: Wicked Witch of the East, Witch of the East

Clue: What is the name of the character played by Drew Barrymore in E.T.?
Answer: Gertie

Clue: What’s the name of Sid’s dog in Toy Story?
Answer: Scud

It’s easy to personalize your movie questions for your own family.  I hope you have got some good ideas for your next family reunion.

Organizing a large or small group trivia game with a movie theme can be easily made with the TextClues service. With TextClues :

  • you can monitor the trivia game from any device that is connected to the internet
  • You can enter as many mobile phone numbers as you want
  • You can track how many wrong answers a team had and base scoring on these numbers
  • The participants can enjoy an entirely unique activity where all clues and answers are completed via text messages

To see the TextClues service work on your phone try out the demo for free!

A Scavenger Hunt Down Memory Lane

Here’s an idea for a text message scavenger hunt that takes your significant other or someone close to you down memory lane. All they need is a cell phone and you can send them a special scavenger hunt that shows how much they mean to you.

Clue: Are you ready for a trip down memory lane? Go hop in the car and look on the passenger seat. Where were we when that that picture was taken?

Answer: Hawaii

Clue: Wow that was so much fun! Chateau Gonflable Remember when we learned how to surf for the first time? Drive down to chestnut street and park at our old high school. What sport did I always come watch you play?

Answer: football

Clue: Those were good times. What was our music teacher’s name?

Answer: Mr. Jacobson

Clue: He was a riot! What instrument did I love to play?

Answer: Flute

Clue: Alright get back on chestnut and drive east to the pool we used to lifeguard at during the summer. Who was the head life guard?

Answer: Jeff

Clue: Jeff was awesome. That was such a laid back job. What color was my skin after my first day back then?

Answer: Red

Clue: Ya I got pretty burnt :) Alright, head back home. But take a detour to the park where we first kissed. What street is it on?

Answer: O’Connor, O’Connor street

Clue: When you get back walk around to the backyard. Who used to always come over for a beer out here.

Answer: Davis

Clue: We really should invite him over to catch up! Now head inside the house. What kind of flowers did you get me that are out in the hall?

Answer: Lilies

Clue: Now go into the dining room. Where did we get the wooden figurine by the table?

Answer: Jamaica

Winning Message: Now come up to the kitchen. I made something special for you :)

To see how to create your own trip down memory lane try out our free demo!

Bike Ride Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a way to add some excitement to one of your family bike rides? Then you should think about using a TextClues scavenger hunt for some family friendly fun.

First you’ll have to find a good bike path with some landmarks along the way. These landmarks will be used in the clues of the scavenger hunt. If you can’t remember enough landmarks or want to look for specifics you could ride the trail before hand or take a ride in the car to come up with some good clues.

Next you’ll want to come up with prizes. A good idea is having a treat near the end of the bike ride for everyone to enjoy. You could stop off at the local ice cream joint or popsicle stand.

Here’s an example hunt to get the ideas flowing for your own fun day out.

Clue: Time for our ride! Head from the house Toboggan Aquatique Gonflable and along the trail that leads over the river. Whats the name of the first street you cross?

Answer: Jones Street, Jones

Clue: Great! Now turn left down Jones street until you see the house with the green doors. What’s the name of the trail that leads down beside the house?

Answer: Oak Trail, Oak

Clue: That’s right! Continue down Oak Trail until it ends and then turn left. What is the first building you see?

Answer: Dairy Queen

Clue: You made it! Now head inside for some ice cream treats with you dad.

To see the TextClues service work on your phone try out the demo for free!

Shopping Mall Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a fun activity for a group of kids or teens? Well a Mall Scavenger Hunt provides family friendly fun at a very affordable price. There are a few different types of mall scavenger hunts. Have a read and pick your favorite.

The first is called a budget scavenger hunt. Each group is given a imaginary budget
and needs to come up with the best “purchases” for a certain scenario. They don’t
actually buy anything but instead write down what they found and can only “spend”
their imaginary budget. The scenarios can be fun like: A trip to the rain forest, a day
on the beach, climbing mount Everest or if you were trapped on a desert island.

Another fun idea is called the A-Z scavenger hunt. Here the Jeux Gonflables groups need to find an item starting with all the letters of the alphabet. You can give them a chart that has all the letters of the alphabet, a place to write the store name and a place to write the
product name.

The last option is a classic clue scavenger hunt around the mall. For this type you’ll have to head to the mall the day or morning before the hunt to come up with a list of clues. Walk around and look for interesting and funny features in the mall (storefronts, advertisements or mall features). Then ask questions about these features in the scavenger hunt.

Whenever you’re making a scavenger hunt you should consider how the TextClues service can make it that much more special. It allows you to complete the scavenger hunt entirely using text messages. See how it works using the demo.