Birthday Road Rally using Text Messages

Here’s a fun idea for a birthday party for a crowd old enough to have cars (or those with willing parents).  You can set up a text message road rally using TextClues.

First everyone needs to start from the same location and this will be more fun in groups.  Also everyone will need a cell phone – just don’t text and drive! Here we go:

Clue: Welcome to Tracy’s road rally 2012! Head to the shopping mall and get a picture by the fountain.  Check the mall map, what store is at 4D?

Answer: Body Shop

Clue: Head down to the beach. How many wooden posts are there for volleyball nets?

Answer: 40

Clue: Drive to the public pool. How many feet deep is the shallow end?

Answer: 4.5

Clue: Go to the library. How many bookcases are there in the lower level?

Answer: 27

Clue: Head to the pizza pizza. What kind of pizza is combo 7?

Answer: Hawaiian

Clue: Drive over to the Walmart parking lot. What color is the sign on the east corner?

Answer: Orange

Clue: The next stop is the high school. What month was the school founded (find the plaque).

Answer: March

Clue: Make your way to Gateway Park. Who is the oak tree at the entrance dedicated to?

Answer: Deborah Wright

Clue: Next stop is the train station. How many stairs head underground?

Answer: 83

Clue: Go to the church. What color are the 4 flowers around the back on the northwest side?

Answer: Purple

Winning Message: You completed the car rally! Head back home for the birthday cake!

You can also use our randomize feature to send each group these text clues in a different order.

Sound like fun? Try our free demo to make your own text message road rally.