Word Puzzle Scavenger Hunt

Send your friends a text scavenger hunt full of word puzzles with TextClues. Here’s a fun example to give you some ideas:

Question: What’s the 14th letter counting backwards in the alphabet?

Answer: M

Question: Rearrange these scrambled Tente Gonflable Pas Cher letters into a word (hint: you use it on water): Lab Iotas

Answer: Sailboat

Question: What’s an 8 letter word for mental pressure: ______ed. When spelled in reverse it’s a tasty treat.

Answer: Stressed

Question: Poor people have it. Rich people need it. It is greater than God and more evil than the devil. If you eat it you will die. What is it?

Answer: Nothing

Question: Rearrange these scrambled letters into a word (hint: you may climb up to this): Stereo Hue

Answer: Treehouse

Question: What word describes: a slab-like top supported on one or more legs or other supports

Answer: Table

Question: This word spells another word when reversed. Fill in the blanks to solve: de _ _ l

Answer: devil, vi

Question: What word is the same word when viewed backwards and upside down? Hint: You do it in a water

Answer: swims

Question: Solve this palindrome (spells itself when read backwards. hint: can be used on water): k _ _ _ k

Answer: kayak

Question: Solve this Caesar Cipher by shifting each letter by 4. hssvfipp

Answer: doorbell

Try creating your own text message puzzle with our free demo.

A Scavenger Hunt for Food Lovers

Do you live in an area filled with an abundance of restaurants, pubs, and lounges? Are you and your friends or coworkers lovers of all food? Why not make a game out of it for your next foodie adventure! With a tool like TextClues, you can create a scavenger hunt using text messages on any mobile phone to have your group scavengering around town looking for the latest eats ;)

Before the scavenger hunt begins, you’ll need to inform the group that for each clue they must pick up a take-out menu of the restaurant in order to complete the clue.  If the restaurant Parc Aquatique Gonflable Pas Cher does not provide take-out menus, be sure to tell the groups ahead of time to bring a camera. If the restaurant has a menu posted on the outside of the restaurant, taking a photo of the menu item would be just as good to satisfy a clue.

Let’s see how this would work:

Clue: Welcome to the City vendita gonfiabili per bambini Food Scavenger Hunt! Find a place that serves apple crumble on the menu. Reply “done” when complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Find a place that serves fois gras on the menu. Reply “done” when complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Find a place that serves milkshakes. Reply “done” when complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Find a place that has a dessert for under $5 on the menu. Reply “done” when complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Find a place that has a “Menu for 2” or “Menu for 4” dinner combo. Reply “done” when complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Find a place that serves a bottle of wine that cost more than $100. Reply “done” when complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Find a place that serves stuffed chicken as one of its menu options. Reply “done” when complete.
Winning message: Head back to Bob’s place to enjoy some wine (winner gets a free bottle!) We’ll go through the menus to decide our next dinner place to check out!

With TextClues, you can also make use of the “scramble” functionality so that groups won’t necessarily be going to the same places in the same order! Of course, the scavenger hunt above can be varied in so many different ways to satisfy your food lovers. You never know, but you can find a restaurant out there that you may never have even considered before. Try it out today and you will be craving for more!

Geography Quiz

Do your kids have an upcoming quiz or test that they need help practicing? Is it hard to get them in the mood to study to see how much they know on the subject? Why not use a tool like TextClues in order to send them a text message quiz at any time of the day? They will be surprised when they receive the quiz and think that it is a game that they must finish! At the same time, you’ll be able to see how much they know on the subject by seeing on the dashboard what answers they got right and wrong.  You can schedule the quiz while you are still at work, however your kids are off school and ready to study!

Here’s an example of a Geography quiz you can setup for your kids:

Question: What is the largest body of water on Earth?
Answer: The Pacific Ocen, Pacific Ocean, Pacific
Question: What is the tallest mountain in the world?
Answer: Everest, Everest mountain
Question: What country is the Great Pyramid of Giza located in?
Answer: Egypt
Question: What is the capital of Canada?
Answer: Ottawa
Question: What is the capital of USA?
Answer: Washington
Question: How many continents are there in the world?
Answer: 7, seven
Question: What is the largest continent in the world?
Answer: Asia

Geography is just one of many subjects that can be used to create a text quiz for your kids!  Try making a text quiz for your kids today, and they will be learning their subjects in no time!

A stroll in the mall

Mall walking – a great way to exercise while taking in the various surroundings of the mall! The types of products being sold, the different store displays, the people that go by…  If you and your friends like to go on walks around the mall every now and then, or if you have a mall walking group that you are apart of, why not change things up a little and make a scavenger hunt out of the walk?

No need to use pencil and paper when you are using a tool like TextClues to create a scavenger hunt. TextClues allows all of the clues to be sent to you via text on any cell phone so there will be absolutely no disruption to your regular walks! Even better – although you may be the one setting up the scavenger hunt for your friends or group of mall walkers, you can still take part too, as you never know what you might encounter in the mall!

Let’s take a look at an example of a mall scavenger hunt!

Clue: Welcome Walker-of-the-mall. Find a store that has a BOGO sale going on. Reply with “done” without quotations once complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Find a store that has a mannequin with a red shirt on display. Reply with “done” when complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Find the area in the mall that sells candy from a candy machine. Reply with “done” when complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Find a store that sells a black shoe with 4 inch heels. Reply with “done” when complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Find an area in the mall that has flowers on display. Reply with “done” when complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Find a store that sells pet food. Reply with “done” when complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Find a store that sells drinks for under $2. Reply with “done” when complete.
Answer: Done
Winning Message: Great job! Go buy that drink to quench your thirst now that you have been all over the mall :)

If you’re making the above as part of a challenge, and plan to break the group into smaller groups, have someone in each group have a camera handy and tell them they must take a photo upon finding the clue in order to proceed to the next destination.

You can make mall walking and time spent at the mall just a little bit more fun and exciting by turning it into a challenge and a scavenger hunt! If you are part of a regular mall walker group, create a challenge similar to the above once a month or bi-monthly and all of you are bound to have a great time while walking the mall. Or, if you and your friends just generally like to make trips to the mall to hang out, change things up a little by making it into a game! Try this with TextClues today and you will all be asking for more!

Music Text Quiz

Do you know someone who’s a huge fan of a music band? How about sending them a text message quiz with TextClues!

Here’s an example for someone who loves The Beatles:

Question: Welcome to The Beatles quiz. Are you ready? Reply “start” to play.

Answer: start

Question: In what English city were The Beatles formed?

Answer: Liverpool

Question: In what year?

Answer: 1960

Question: What German city did The Beatles spend years playing in before they became popular?

Answer: Hamburg

Question: What was the name of their manager?

Answer: Brian Epstein

Question: What was their first single in the UK?

Answer: Love Me Do

Question: Who was their producer?

Answer: George Martin

Question: When was Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band released?

Answer: 1967

Question:  What was the band’s final album release?

Answer: Let It Be

Question: Last question! When did The Beatles break up?

Answer: 1970

Winning Message: You’ve won! Congratulations. Come see me for your prize :)

To create your own text quiz try out our free demo.

Outdoor Bible Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking for a fun outdoor activity with the kids this summer then a bible scavenger hunt is perfect for you. It won’t take long to set up and will have the kids playing for hours if you make it long enough.

The premise of the hunt is to have the kids look up the items they need to collect using bible versus. Then they collect all the items and turn them in to collect the prize. You can go through the bible and fin your favorite versus but here are a few examples to help give you an idea.

  • Leaf – Proverbs 11:28
  • Five Smooth Stones – 1 Samuel 17:40
  • Grass and a Seed – Genesis 1:11

This is a great way to teach kids how to look up passages in the bible. You can also use it as a way for them to read some of your favorite parts of the bible. Once you have all the items listed that the kids will collect you can start working on the clues. You can either write the clues out on paper or use the TextClues service to send the messages using text messages. The clues can look something like this:

Clue: Read Proverbs 11:28 and find a green L___ . Respond with what you need to find.

Answer: Leaf

Clue: Great go find one! Then read 1 Samuel 17:40 and find F___ S_____ S_____ . Respond with what you need to find.

Answer: Five Smooth Stones

Clue: Great go and find them! Then read Genesis 1:11 and find some G____ and a S___

Answer: Grass Seed, Grass and a seed

Clue: Congratulations, hand in everything you found and collect your prize!

We hope you are able to enjoy this scavenger hunt with your family and come up with some fun clues of your own. Remember to try out the TextClues Demo and you might find it is a great way to keep your kids interested!

Scavenger Hunt around Town

Scavenger hunts can be used for so many different occasions and events including:
– Easter Scavenger Hunt
– Birthdays
– Anniversaries
– Team Building
– Bachelorettes
– For some general fun
and many more events…

There are so many different ways that you can run a scavenger hunt these days, however now that the majority of the population has access to a cell phone, why not save yourself some trouble setting up a scavenger hunt with paper clues all over the city and have automatic clues sent via the cell phone? This can be done through an easy-to-use tool called TextClues. With TextClues, all you have to do is input the cell phone #s of who will be participating in the event, enter all of the clues, schedule the scavenger hunt and away you go!  If you want scavenger hunt teams to not necessarily set off on the hunt in the same order, you can use the Shuffle feature to mix up the clues so everybody will be running around town in all sorts of different ways.

Once you have the teams setup, and everyone setup on TextClues, it is time to start the scavenger hunt around town. Away you go!!!

Clue: Collect a take-out menu from a pizza shop. Reply “done” without quotations when found.
Answer: Done
Clue: Collect a coaster from a local pub or restaurant. Reply “done” when found.
Answer: Done
Clue: Take a group photo with a statue. Reply “done” when complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Collect a flyer for an upcoming event in the city. Reply “done” when found.
Answer: Done
Clue: Take a photo with a man or woman wearing a pink shirt. Reply “done” when complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Purchase an item that cost less than $0.50 and keep the receipt. Reply “done” when complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Take a photo with someone’s pet. Reply “done” when complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Collect the business card for a chinese restaurant. Reply “done” when complete.
Answer: Done
Winning Clue: Head on back to Joe’s apartment to see if you are the first one back to win the prize!!!

The clues can so easily be tailored to places that might be convenient and accessible around your city or town.  A scavenger hunt can be created within a matter of minutes, but can provide fun and entertainment for a group of people for hours! Use TextClues and a scavenger hunt for your next event, and we guarantee you will have a very satisfied group of people that will be craving for more!

Text Message Math Quiz

You can use TextClues to send your son or daughter a text message math quiz to test the skills they’ve learned in the classroom. Here’s an example with some geometry questions:

Question: Welcome to the cell phone math quiz! No calculators are allowed. First question, how many sides does a pentagon have? Reply with the answer.

Answer: 5

Question: What’s the sum of angles inside a triangle?

Answer: 180, 180 degrees

Question: What’s the square root of 36?

Answer: 6

Question: What’s the remainder when dividing 22 by 10

Answer: 2

Question: What’s 3 x 4 + 7 – 8 x 2?

Answer: 3

Question: What’s pi to two decimal places?

Answer: 3.14

Question: What’s the area of a square with side lengths of 7?

Answer: 49

Question:  What’s the perimeter of a square with side lengths of 8?

Answer: 32

Question: Give a circle has a radius of 5. What’s the circle’s diameter?

Answer: 10

Question: For a rectangle with side lengths 4 and 3, what’s the length of the diagonal from one corner to the other? (Hint: use the Pythagorean theorem)

Answer: 5

Winning Message: Congratulations! You’re a math whiz! Come to the kitchen to get your prize

To create your own fun text message math game try our demo.

Fun Scavenger Hunt Clue Ideas

Today we’re going to give you some ideas for great clues and riddles for your scavenger hunt. Whether you are using the TextClues service or making your scavenger hunt by hand we hope that you will find these ideas helpful and fun. If you haven’t heard of out text message scavenger hunt service you might want to read more about it here. Now onto the clues!

Online Research Clues

This type of clue is great for adding some education into the fun of a scavenger hunt! It will not only help teach kids interesting facts, but it will also help with their ability to research facts on the internet. This type of clue asks very specific questions about subjects that the participants are interested in or that they are learning about in school. Some examples are as follows:

Clue: In what year did the tyrannosaurus Rex get its name?

Answer: 1905

Clue: How old was Christopher Columbus when he discovered the new world?

Answer: 41, forty one

Clue: How many planets are in our solar system?

Answer: 9, Nine

It’s easy to find facts such as the ones above by typing the topic of interest into Google and reading the educational websites that come up. You’ll find lots of interesting questions to ask the kids and might even learn something yourself.

Rebus Clues 

Rebus Clues are great riddles for kids and are really easy to make. Sometimes they are take a little time to answer which is a great way to add some difficulty to the hunt without making it too hard. It may also help with the children’s spelling. An example for a simple Rebus Clue for “Toaster” is:



You can easily make these clues on Festisite and clicking the rebus option on the top right of the webpage. You can choose to either print out the clue and hide it for the hunter or write out the clue to send over text message. This is a really fun clue to add to a scavenger hunt and we think you should try it soon!

Mirror Message Clue

One really neat riddle is one that can only be read by holding it up to a mirror. These riddles are a lot of fun and they are actually quite easy to make. There are two ways that you can go about creating the clues. One on the computer and one by hand.

If you want to create the clue on the computer and have a printer available here is an easy way to create your mirror message:

  • First, go into Word or your favorite word processor and type out you message
  • Highlight the text and use the “copy” function on your computer
  • Then open the program Paint. This can be found by clicking the start button and clicking on the accessories folder
  • Then paste you message into paint
  • Choose the drop-down menu for image and choose Flip/Rotate
  • Then click “Flip Horizontal” and save the image
  • Print the image and your message is done!

If that seemed too hard or you want to write the clue by hand there is another way. However, this way results in a messier looking message:

  • Get some paper, a mirror and a hard surface to write on (a book works well)
  • Now hold the paper up on the hard surface so you can see the page in the mirror
  • Looking in the mirror write the message out… this will feel strange! It might take a few tries

So there you have it, two ways to make an exciting new clue for your scavenger hunt. Now you’ll need to hide it close to a mirror. In the previous clue (whether sent via text message or otherwise) lead the hunter to the message and give a clue to the fact that it will need to be held up to the mirror.