Father’s Day Gift

With Father’s Day creeping up on us, yet again, this year, we are always on the hunt for new and exciting gifts to make this Father’s Day that much more memorable than the last!

Is your dad a big gadgets fan and constantly has his cell phone around him? Why not make use of his phone for something he would never thought to use it for. A Scavenger Hunt Father’s Day Gift!!

How would this work? If your dad has a cell phone he can use, with text messaging capabilities, and you have some fun ‘dad facts’ to help make your hunt successful, you are set! The cell phone, questions, and dad’s correct answers will bring him on a fun-filled journey to the end goal of your choice.

Let’s show you how this would work!

Clue: Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Let’s get started. Head to the photo in the house where the family went to Europe. What colour are my pants in the photo?
Answer: Black
Clue: Right! That was a great trip :) Next, head over to baby John’s crib. What company is printed on the label of his favorite blanket?
Answer: Endeavour
Clue: That used to be my blanket!! What sheet music is currently sitting in the piano?

Answer: Fur Elise
Clue: Your favorite – I’ll play it for you later. What does mom have stashed in the cookie jar?
Answer: Chocolate
Clue: Yes, and your favorite kind too! There’s a coupon in the mailbox for you. Go grab it and tell me what you are getting.
Answer: Back massage
Clue: Yes. We know how much you love those. Finally, head over to the kitchen and tell me what is defrosting in the fridge?
Answer: Steak
Clue: Yes, your favorite. We will be having those tonight. Happy Father’s Day!!

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Father’s Day Gift Idea

Special occasions always seem to creep up upon us, and Father’s Day is no exception.¬† With Father’s Day being only a few days away, you may be starting to panic if you haven’t already thought up a gift to give to your dad. With a tool like TextClues, you should have no fear! TextClues will help you make a personalized gift (aka a scavenger hunt!) for your dad in minutes!! What will it involve?
– A cell phone
– Some scavenging on your dad’s part
– A trip down memory lane for the both of you

You can make it a bit more of a surprise for your dad by having the scavenger hunt end with something that he may find useful, something that he has been wanting for a while but hasn’t had a chance to buy, or even just a personalized card from yourself :)

Here’s an example to get you started with your Father’s Day gift today!

Clue: Happy Father’s Day! Let’s start easy. How old am I this year? Reply with answer.
Answer: 15
Clue: Great job! Where did we go on vacation last year?
Answer: NYC, New York, New York City
Clue: Yup, was pretty fun! Now, go to the place in the house that has a photo from that trip. Your next clue awaits! (paper clue would be found at the photo: What sport were you apart of when you were in university?)
Answer: Football
Clue: We’ll have to go throw one around later tonight with this great weather. What’s your favorite food?
Answer: Chicken
Clue: Yup, mom’s making your favorite meal right now :) Final question! What have you wanted to buy the last month?
Answer: Golf clubs
Clue: That’s right! Go find mom to find your new gift :D Happy Father’s Day!!

Use TextClues for your scavenger hunt gift for your dad and he won’t be disappointed! It only costs $15 for 100¬†clues so you can create many many scavenger hunts for all occasions (and not just for Father’s Day!) At the end of this hunt, your dad will be asking for more so the extra clues will be sure to come in handy ;) Try it today.