Website Scavenger Hunt

Perhaps you have recently launched a new website for your business, and you want to see if your viewers are paying attention and know how to navigate through your site.  What better way to drive some traffic to your site AND add a little bit of fun to it by running a contest with your users??

How would this all work? First, you would need to start by making a call out on your website for the contest and to get people to enter in their contact information to enter the contest, as well as provide users confirmation on when the contest would take place.  Once you have gathered everybody’s cell phone numbers, you can use an easy-to-use tool like TextClues in order to create an easy text message scavenger hunt across your website.  All you would need to do is enter the cell phone #s that have chosen to enter the contest, create a few scavenger hunt questions across your website and away you go!  The individual that completes the scavenger hunt first would win the prize :) TextClues has a dashboard which can specifically tell you when an individual has completed a scavenger hunt, and at what time, so you do not need to track any of this information on your own.

Here’s an example of how you could create a scavenger hunt contest across your site:

Clue: Welcome to the launch of our new website :) What year was our company founded? Reply with answer.
Answer: 2005
Clue: Correct! Where is our office located? (just # and street address)
Answer: 1234 Rainbow Way
Clue: Perfect! What is our top selling product?
Answer: Books
Clue: Fantastic! How fast can we ship our product to you within the United States?
Answer: 2 days, two days
Clue: What is our slogan?
Answer: Doing it right

And the questions can continue for various other sections of your site…

Benefits of using TextClues and creating a scavenger hunt for your site:
– Creates some interest and traffic to your site
– Allows users to familiarize themselves with your site
– Allows you to collect some demographic information on the traffic to your site
– TextClues can display *everything* that the individual has inputted into the system before they get a right answer, so you can see how easy it is for people to navigate through your site and potentially make changes to your site based on user experience
– No need to create your own scavenger hunt form to collect all the answers from the user since TextClues will already do it for you!

TextClues is the perfect tool for this type of activity on your site.  Try it today and you won’t be disappointed on the results it will provide to you and your business.