A Scavenger Hunt Down Memory Lane

Here’s an idea for a text message scavenger hunt that takes your significant other or someone close to you down memory lane. All they need is a cell phone and you can send them a special scavenger hunt that shows how much they mean to you.

Clue: Are you ready for a trip down memory lane? Go hop in the car and look on the passenger seat. Where were we when that that picture was taken?

Answer: Hawaii

Clue: Wow that was so much fun! Chateau Gonflable Remember when we learned how to surf for the first time? Drive down to chestnut street and park at our old high school. What sport did I always come watch you play?

Answer: football

Clue: Those were good times. What was our music teacher’s name?

Answer: Mr. Jacobson

Clue: He was a riot! What instrument did I love to play?

Answer: Flute

Clue: Alright get back on chestnut and drive east to the pool we used to lifeguard at during the summer. Who was the head life guard?

Answer: Jeff

Clue: Jeff was awesome. That was such a laid back job. What color was my skin after my first day back then?

Answer: Red

Clue: Ya I got pretty burnt :) Alright, head back home. But take a detour to the park where we first kissed. What street is it on?

Answer: O’Connor, O’Connor street

Clue: When you get back walk around to the backyard. Who used to always come over for a beer out here.

Answer: Davis

Clue: We really should invite him over to catch up! Now head inside the house. What kind of flowers did you get me that are out in the hall?

Answer: Lilies

Clue: Now go into the dining room. Where did we get the wooden figurine by the table?

Answer: Jamaica

Winning Message: Now come up to the kitchen. I made something special for you :)

To see how to create your own trip down memory lane try out our free demo!