Valentines Day Gift Idea: Scavenger Hunt over Text Message

Valentines Day Cookies

Surprise at the end of the v-day scavenger hunt :)

Valentines day is almost here. I wanted to share a unique gift idea for that special someone in your life. Have you ever thought of sending them on a scavenger hunt? Here at TextClues we let you create a text message scavenger hunt. Our system automatically sends and responds to text messages to your loving partner’s cell phone. So you can actually watch and guide them through the hunt or sit back and just watch the fun. You can schedule the scavenger hunt to start at any time you like, or you could set up a few surprise texts throughout the day.

Here’s an example of a text message scavenger hunt you could send them:

Clue: Hey babe! How’s work? Welcome to your surprise v-day scavenger hunt :) Reply “start” to accept the challenge!
Answer: Start
Clue: First an easy one, who first introduced us?
Answer: Rosy
Clue: Ya that was a fun night :) What are we eating later tonight? Hint: it’s my favorite
Answer: Lasagna
Clue: I love your lasagna! I can’t wait until we go on vacation to my favorite city of…
Answer: New York
Clue: I can’t wait! Okay, what’s my favorite exercise?
Answer: Yoga
Clue: Yep :) Just got back from my class. Next question, what are we doing tomorrow with Lindsey?
Answer: Skating
Clue: That’s going to be so much fun ;) Go down and check in the backseat of your car for a surprise. What is it?
Answer: Cookies
Clue: Hope you like them!!  Happy Valentines Day babe!

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Valentine’s Day Hunt

With only 7 days away until Valentine’s Day, it is easy to fret about what possibly to get your valentine.  Have no fear though – scavenger hunt programs that make use of text messaging on cell phones, like Textclues, can provide you with an easy, yet thoughtful, solution to make this your best valentine’s day yet!

All you need to think about is:
a) Where should the scavenger hunt take place: In the comfort of your home, around the neighbourhood, or all throughout town
b) Where do you want the scavenger hunt to end
c) Whether you want to involve other gifts during the scavenger hunt or lead to a gift at the end of the hunt
d) Some facts that will make your valentine reminisce the time spent with you

Once you have all of this thought up, you are well on your way to putting together a fantastic gift that your valentine will never forget.

Let’s get started!

Clue: Hey there valentine, what is my favorite nickname for you?
Answer: Pooks
Clue: You’re right pooks ;) Head to the kitchen and look in the cookie jar. What do you find?
Answer: Kisses
Clue: Yes, chocolate kisses for you and some real kisses for you later too :) Go up to our room. What number is on the back of my favorite jersey?
Answer: 40
Clue: That’s right. We’ll save that number for later. Now, work through this word puzzle: Chime – him.
Answer: Ce
Clue: Deer – eer + ar
Answer: Dar
Clue: Now put those two words together.
Answer: Cedar
Clue: Right! now put this together with the number mentioned before, starting with the number.
Answer: 40 Cedar
Winning Message: Great job! Head on over to 40 Cedar for 6pm tonight for a special night out ;) Happy Valentine’s Pooks!

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Valentine’s Day Gift

Every year Valentine’s Day slowly creeps up upon us and every year we try to think of new ways to make this year more special than the last for our family members, significant others, kids, friends.

Why not put together something like a valentine’s day scavenger hunt, where at the end of the hunt, there can be a gift waiting for your special someone, or if not a gift, just the fact that you have created a scavenger hunt for them would be thoughtful enough!

You can use TextClues to send your valentine on a text message scavenger hunt.  This way, they can have the hunt sent to their cell phone, and each time they respond with the correct answer, the next clue will automatically be texted to them! Less paper work and laying out of paper for you, and more interactive overall for your valentine.

Let’s get this started!

Clue: Happy Valentine’s day, babes! Head over to our bedroom and tell me what year the photograph on the night table was taken.

Answer: 2005

Clue: That’s right! Now, open the top drawer of our dresser. What do you find inside?

Answer: Chocolate, Lindor chocolate

Clue: Yup, that’s for you :) Save me a piece for later :) Now, tell me what DVD is sitting in the “Forrest Gump” movie case

Answer: 10 things I hate about you

Clue: I know you love that movie :) Let’s watch it later. Now, this requires a bit of thinking. When you first see me, you instantly recognise me. I show you exactly what you show me. What am i?

Answer: A mirror

Clue: You’re right! Head to the mirror in the main hallway. What do you see?

Answer: Me, Myself, My reflection

Clue: Yes, I see you too! I love you, just the way you are. Now it is time to head out for your favorite meal

Create your own with our free text message scavenger hunt demo.

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Ideas

There are so many different ways these days you can make use of a scavenger hunt, but with less than a week away until Valentine’s Day, let’s focus on how to make an awesome vday gift for your loved one.

So Valentine’s Day is approaching, and you don’t know what to do to make the day just a bit more special for that special someone. Have no fear though, we are here to help that day become a breeze for you and to put a smile on someone’s face :)

My strategy to begin a scavenger hunt is to think of how you want the hunt to end. Are you planning on having the hunt lead to a certain gift/object, or should it be a certain destination? Once you know where it will end, it will help give you an idea on where the previous clues should lead.

Keeping on the Valentine’s day theme, some suggestions on “end goals” of the hunt could include:

  • Flowers (outside the front door)
  • Chocolates (in a drawer)
  • Jewelry (underneath his/her pillow)
  • A letter written by you (in a pocket of clothing)
  • A restaurant (walk able distance from the starting point)
  • You! Standing somewhere holding a single flower; or they may just be happy to find you at the end of the hunt ;)

You need to add some personal touches into the scavenger hunt so that they will appreciate the time you spent on putting together this gift for them. If the individual can relate to the clues or think back on why some of the clues might be significant to the both of you, they will be that more appreciative of this hunt.

Think about:

  • Where you first met
  • What your first date was
  • What their favorite treats are
  • What is their favorite restaurant
  • What is their favorite movie

Once you have some of these things figured out, and you know that the hunter will know the answers to as well, you’ll be putting together a sweet scavenger hunt in no time.

To end things off, here is a sample of a scavenger hunt that can help you on your way to making one special person very happy on this day:

Clue: Hey baby, you are in for a surprise. Start by dialing my number (123-456-7890) and text back what I say to you to this message.

Answer: I love you

Clue: I love you too :) Now, go to your room. What is sitting on your night table?

Answer: Aero chocolate

Clue: Mmm.. delicious. Go ahead and eat it; I know how much you love it ;) Once you’re done your treat, can you remind me what your favorite snack is?

Answer: Chips

Clue: I’m kidding! How could I forget that? Go to the kitchen. What is in the snack cupboard?

Answer: Chips

Clue: See! Of course I didn’t forget! ;) We’ll save those for later tonight. Now go to the family room. What is in the DVD player?

Answer: Lord of the Rings

Clue: Sweet movie eh? Now, are you hungry? What’s your favorite restaurant?

Answer: Milestone’s

Clue: It is tasty. Making me hungry. Do you mind grabbing and putting on your jacket? What does the note say inside your right pocket?

Answer: Open the front door

Clue: Ok, go and do it now!!

That’s the end of the scavenger hunt, however at this point in time, you would be standing outside the front door either holding a single flower or some other treat, leading your significant other out to eat at their favorite restaurant, followed by a night in with a movie and some chips ;)

Now, that wasn’t too hard was it? Go and try out a scavenger hunt for vday, and come back to us and let us know how they enjoyed it. You won’t be disappointed! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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