Father’s Day Gift Idea

Special occasions always seem to creep up upon us, and Father’s Day is no exception.  With Father’s Day being only a few days away, you may be starting to panic if you haven’t already thought up a gift to give to your dad. With a tool like TextClues, you should have no fear! TextClues will help you make a personalized gift (aka a scavenger hunt!) for your dad in minutes!! What will it involve?
– A cell phone
– Some scavenging on your dad’s part
– A trip down memory lane for the both of you

You can make it a bit more of a surprise for your dad by having the scavenger hunt end with something that he may find useful, something that he has been wanting for a while but hasn’t had a chance to buy, or even just a personalized card from yourself :)

Here’s an example to get you started with your Father’s Day gift today!

Clue: Happy Father’s Day! Let’s start easy. How old am I this year? Reply with answer.
Answer: 15
Clue: Great job! Where did we go on vacation last year?
Answer: NYC, New York, New York City
Clue: Yup, was pretty fun! Now, go to the place in the house that has a photo from that trip. Your next clue awaits! (paper clue would be found at the photo: What sport were you apart of when you were in university?)
Answer: Football
Clue: We’ll have to go throw one around later tonight with this great weather. What’s your favorite food?
Answer: Chicken
Clue: Yup, mom’s making your favorite meal right now :) Final question! What have you wanted to buy the last month?
Answer: Golf clubs
Clue: That’s right! Go find mom to find your new gift :D Happy Father’s Day!!

Use TextClues for your scavenger hunt gift for your dad and he won’t be disappointed! It only costs $15 for 100 clues so you can create many many scavenger hunts for all occasions (and not just for Father’s Day!) At the end of this hunt, your dad will be asking for more so the extra clues will be sure to come in handy ;) Try it today.

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Ideas

There are so many different ways these days you can make use of a scavenger hunt, but with less than a week away until Valentine’s Day, let’s focus on how to make an awesome vday gift for your loved one.

So Valentine’s Day is approaching, and you don’t know what to do to make the day just a bit more special for that special someone. Have no fear though, we are here to help that day become a breeze for you and to put a smile on someone’s face :)

My strategy to begin a scavenger hunt is to think of how you want the hunt to end. Are you planning on having the hunt lead to a certain gift/object, or should it be a certain destination? Once you know where it will end, it will help give you an idea on where the previous clues should lead.

Keeping on the Valentine’s day theme, some suggestions on “end goals” of the hunt could include:

  • Flowers (outside the front door)
  • Chocolates (in a drawer)
  • Jewelry (underneath his/her pillow)
  • A letter written by you (in a pocket of clothing)
  • A restaurant (walk able distance from the starting point)
  • You! Standing somewhere holding a single flower; or they may just be happy to find you at the end of the hunt ;)

You need to add some personal touches into the scavenger hunt so that they will appreciate the time you spent on putting together this gift for them. If the individual can relate to the clues or think back on why some of the clues might be significant to the both of you, they will be that more appreciative of this hunt.

Think about:

  • Where you first met
  • What your first date was
  • What their favorite treats are
  • What is their favorite restaurant
  • What is their favorite movie

Once you have some of these things figured out, and you know that the hunter will know the answers to as well, you’ll be putting together a sweet scavenger hunt in no time.

To end things off, here is a sample of a scavenger hunt that can help you on your way to making one special person very happy on this day:

Clue: Hey baby, you are in for a surprise. Start by dialing my number (123-456-7890) and text back what I say to you to this message.

Answer: I love you

Clue: I love you too :) Now, go to your room. What is sitting on your night table?

Answer: Aero chocolate

Clue: Mmm.. delicious. Go ahead and eat it; I know how much you love it ;) Once you’re done your treat, can you remind me what your favorite snack is?

Answer: Chips

Clue: I’m kidding! How could I forget that? Go to the kitchen. What is in the snack cupboard?

Answer: Chips

Clue: See! Of course I didn’t forget! ;) We’ll save those for later tonight. Now go to the family room. What is in the DVD player?

Answer: Lord of the Rings

Clue: Sweet movie eh? Now, are you hungry? What’s your favorite restaurant?

Answer: Milestone’s

Clue: It is tasty. Making me hungry. Do you mind grabbing and putting on your jacket? What does the note say inside your right pocket?

Answer: Open the front door

Clue: Ok, go and do it now!!

That’s the end of the scavenger hunt, however at this point in time, you would be standing outside the front door either holding a single flower or some other treat, leading your significant other out to eat at their favorite restaurant, followed by a night in with a movie and some chips ;)

Now, that wasn’t too hard was it? Go and try out a scavenger hunt for vday, and come back to us and let us know how they enjoyed it. You won’t be disappointed! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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