Easter Scavenger Hunt Game

RabbitEaster is coming up this weekend, so it’s a perfect time to organize a unique Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt for someone special.  Using a text message to send out the scavenger hunt clues to any cell phone makes for an egg-citing interactive Easter egg hunt that you can set up ahead of time.

With this interactive text message tool, you can even set up several different scavenger hunts that will start at the time you decide, so if you have two or three other children they can each follow the same or different clues and have a great time doing their individual hunts.


It’s really simple to set up your scavenger hunt with Textclues with a little preparation ahead of time.


First, pick up some colourful plastic Easter Eggs to hide some treats in (you can even hide small prizes at each location so that your hunter can full up their Easter baskets with goodies along the way) and then at the last location of the hunt you can hide your BIG EASTER SURPRISE (e.g. a big chocolate egg, a cuddly stuffed animal or a basket full of goodies).


Next, think up some riddles and clues to hide at each location to lead them on to the next clue.  You should be able to come up with 10 – 20 clues without too much trouble, but here is an example to get you going –


Clue:  Are you ready to hunt for your Easter eggs?  Reply with Answer, “Yes” or “No”

Answer:  “Yes”


Clue:   Can you answer some riddles to find your treats?  Reply with Answer “Yes” or “No”

Answer:  “Yes”


Clue:  The answer to this riddle is where you’ll find your first surprise.  “After searching for eggs all over the lands, be sure to go here and wash your hands”   (Text me the answers when you find your treats to get the next clue)

(you hide a plastic egg filled with little chocolate eggs in the sink)

Answer:  Sink


Clue:  Well done!  You’ve got your first treat.  “At the end of the day, the lamb rests her head on a thing soft and fluffy found on a bed”

(you hide the next treat under the pillow on one of the beds)

Answer:  pillow


Clue:  That’s great, you’re a star.  “Bunnies have fur and ducks have feathers, you wear these to stay warm in bad weather”

(you hide a treat in the pocket of one of the coats in the closet)

Answer:  coat, coats


Clue:  Fantastic!  Now this one is harder.  “Do you think the Easter Bunny has one of these?  It would be on his back helping him carry all those goodies with ease”

Answer:  backpack


Clue:   For homework, the Easter bunny sits here to make all the eggs, it has drawers, a few shelves and four legs.

Answer:  desk


Winning message:  Excellent!  You’re almost there, go to the basement and search for the blue bag – hidden under the sofa

(you can hide your final big Easter surprise there ready to the found)


Have fun with your hunt, you can make it as easy or complicated as you like.  If you want to add some educational touches to it, go for it.  If your kids are older make the clues a bit more complex and more of a challenge to find.  Have fun personalizing it for your family.

Happy Easter everyone. Go try our free demo right now!

Easter Scavenger Hunt

With Easter coming up in a couple of weeks, what better way to go on the hunt for chocolate than through a fun-filled scavenger hunt? Instead of aimlessly looking for chocolate, you can create a scavenger hunt that will lead your kids/friends/family/neighbours/co-workers from one clue or goodie to the next.  This can all be done through a program like TextClues, which allows you to send clues through your phone!

You just need to decide:
1) Whether you want to leave mini treats throughout the hunt or if the hunt will just end in one big surprise
2) The various clues during the hunt to make the scavenger hunter know where to go from place to place

Let’s get started with an example!

Clue: Welcome to the annual Easter hunt! Can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for you :) Head on over to the jar where the cookies are stored. What picture is on the front?
Answer: A sun
Clue: That’s right. And what is behind the cookie jar?
Answer: Kisses
Clue: Yes, some kisses for you to get started. Head to the area in the backyard where you may find some spring flowers. Reply with “Done” when you’re there and have found your treat.
Answer: Done
Clue: Head on over to the area in the kitchen where you would find a bunnie’s favorite treat. Reply with “Done” when you are there and have found your treat.
Answer: Done
Clue: Somewhere in the house is a photo that was taken last Spring 2012. Remember where it is? Go find it and look for the treat. Reply with “Done” when you’re there and have found your treat.
Answer: Done
Winning message: Go find Aunt Susie now for the big surprise!

Try our text message scavenger hunt demo.

Why use Text Clues for your upcoming Easter Scavenger Hunt

You’ve only got a few days away until Easter and you want to plan a really cool scavenger hunt for your kids, family, neighbours, friends, or anyone really!!! :) What do you do???

1) Don’t panic!!!

2) Use the quick and easy to use tool called Text Clues to make your next scavenger hunt!  Text Clues lets you create personalised mobile text message scavenger hunts for all occasions, and with Easter around the corner, what better time to starting using the tool?!


– It adds a little twist to the regular scavenger hunt (more fun and interactive – not looking aimlessly for prizes)

– Unlike a regular scavenger hunt, you don’t have to leave multiple paper clues throughout the hunt (i.e.: less set up time for you!)

– You can set up a hunt in minutes, and send it out to multiple numbers, thus again saving you time!!

– It works on any mobile phone :)

– It only costs $15 for 100 clues so you can create many many scavenger hunts for all occasions (and not just for Easter!)

– Great support to help you throughout your scavenger hunt needs and to ensure your scavenger hunt runs smoothly

Begin using Text Clues today and you and the huntee won’t be disappointed ;)

Easter Scavenger Hunt

Alright, so we have about a month away until Easter is here…  Why not make your Easter egg hunt just a little bit more fun and interactive for the huntee (and perhaps make them work a little to get the well deserved Easter treats)? ;) Use a text message scavenger hunt to hide your Easter treats. The huntee will have more fun going on the hunt so they aren’t just searching blindly AND because you will know exactly where all of the treats are hidden around the house/location, there won’t be any chocolate that is sitting unfound for many years to come :P

SO, how should an Easter hunt work? Really, it should work just like any other scavenger hunt, only you would more likely have various treats along the way of the hunt or you can just have one nice big prize at the very end of the hunt (your choice!) The good thing with textclues.com is that we provide you the means of providing all the clues and answers quite easily for the participant, without you needing to be there necessarily to supervise to see what is going on with the hunt :) All you need to do is find where you want to hide the treats, make up clues to get to these locations and you are done!

So, just to re-cap some components of this hunt:
– Determine if you want to hide treats/prizes throughout the hunt, or just one larger item for the very end of the hunt
– Think of clues to lead to the specific locations to arrive at the treats

With textclues.com, one even better feature is that you can setup the same (or different) scavenger hunt for different people and schedule the hunt to occur at a certain time. E.g.: If you have two kids, and are setting up this hunt for your kids, you can set up one scavenger hunt for each of your kids using the tool :)

Let’s end this blog post off with an example hunt:

Clue: Ready to have some fun on the hunt for some Easter treats? Reply with answer: “Yes” or “No”
Answer: Yes

Clue: Great! Start by going to the fridge. What has mom left in the fridge for dinner tonight?
Answer: Chicken

Clue: Yes! Now, what do chickens lay?
Answer: Eggs, Egg

Clue: Yes, they do. Go to where you can find the eggs in the house for your next clue.

(clue hidden in egg carton: No chocolate eggs here! But what is hidden under the kitchen sink?)
Answer: Cadbury egg, egg, chocolate egg

Clue: Woohoo! You got your first egg on the hunt :) Where is dad’s favorite room in the house?

Answer: Family room

Clue: That’s right.  Go there and look under dad’s favorite seat for the next clue.
(clue hidden under seat, along with treat: Yes, more treats :) Just to add an educational twist: What is 9 X 9?)
Answer: 81

Clue: Good job. You are learning well :) Go to where you do your homework for your next clue.

(clue: Thought you were off the hook after the first math question? Here’s another: 10 / 2 = ?)

Answer: 5

Clue: Excellent. Now, go to page 5 of your homework for the next clue.
(clue: We went on vacation last year to California. What is the capital of this city?)
Answer: Sacremento

Clue: Perfect.  Now, go to where we have our family photo from this trip and respond with the answer located at this spot.
(chocolate hidden by picture frame, with a note saying: “More Chocolate”)
Answer: More chocolate

Clue: You want more chocolate? That’s not enough for you? :) Alright, maybe a couple more… Go to your bedroom. What is hidden behind your favorite stuffed animal?
Answer: Toothbrush

Clue: Did we put that there? Oops. Must have put it in the wrong spot. Go to where you would place your toothbrush and text back to me what is hidden there.
Answer: Marshmallow bunny

Clue: We didn’t forget those were your favorite ;) Finally, what does the paper under the bathroom sink say?

(clue: Go to the family room)
Answer: Go to the family room

Winning message: Yes, go to the family room!! You’ll need that new toothbrush for a reason :) Happy Easter! (chocolate basket or bunny found in the family room)

Have some fun with your hunt. You can make it as easy or intricate as you would like the challenge to be for the huntee. If you want to add some educational touches to it for kids, go for it to make them earn the chocolate even more :P Or, if you have more space to work with for your hunt, or are working with an older crowd, make the clues a bit more complex and a challenge to find. You as the scavenger hunt maker should also have some fun making the hunt for others. Happy Easter everyone!

Try our text message scavenger hunt demo.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas

I am going to take the opportunity in this post to describe the various ways that scavenger hunts can be used to make an event more fun and enjoyable for everyone.  Subsequent posts will dive further into each of the scavenger hunt opportunities and provide you with specific examples on how they would be run :) For now, we’ll just skim the surface of each one…


Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas:
kid's scavenger huntIt’s your turn to host a kid’s birthday party.  The difficulty in this is normally:
a) keeping all of the kids entertained and
b) keeping all of the kids entertained :)
What do kids love? Prizes and winning things! By hosting a scavenger hunt for kids in either your basement, family home, or wherever the birthday party is taking place, you can ensure that the kids are entertained for the duration of the hunt, and be happy in the end by receiving a prize for themselves.  The best way to make this work, if there is a large group of kids, is to divide the kids in groups of 2 – 3.  Each group would be running the same type of scavenger hunt, with the same types of clues as the other groups, however in a different order.  This way – you won’t have kids running into one another while the hunt is in play and also, this minimises the number of hunts you would need to put together yourself. And of course, the end of the hunt will lead each kid to a prize they will enjoy winning.


Team Building Exercise:
Ahh… now team building exercises for the workplace don’t always have to be the same type of activities that you don’t enjoy participating in.  By creating a scavenger hunt for your company’s department group, this will allow individuals to:team building scavenger hunt
a) Put on their thinking caps to determine where to go for the next clues
b) Enjoy and have fun out of a workplace event
c) And most importantly… work amongst a team in a collaborative way and get to know some individuals within the company that much better! :)
The scavenger hunt can take place within the company compounds, within walking distance of the company, or a combination of both.  Depending on the size of the group, groups of 3 or 4 are most ideal.  At the end, the winning team to arrive at the last clue first can be eligible to win a small gift card like a $5 or $10 gift card.


Birthday or Anniversary gifts:
romantic scavenger huntI know we already discussed a valentine’s day hunt in our previous post, but the same concept can be done for other special occasions for your significant other (or even for your friend’s!!) for birthdays or anniversaries.  Having the clues relate specifically to the person will make the hunt all the more sweeter for them and for the hunt to lead to a gift will make this day all the more special for them and a day for them to always remember…  Check out the Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Ideas post for more information and an example hunt of how you can set one of these up for that special someone :)


Easter Hunt:
With Easter approaching, the hunt for those chocolate eggs and bunnies doesn’t heaster scavenger huntave to be completely a blind hunt!  By using a scavenger hunt tool like www.textclues.com, the hidden goods can be systematically placed in specific areas of where the hunt is taking place.  Once the correct answer to a clue has been found/answered, it can lead the hunter to some of the delicious goods… or you can make them antsy by making the goods only appear after certain clues so they will never know when to expect a prize! ;)  By doing it this way, also, you won’t end up finding chocolate from last year hidden away under your furniture again…


We’re going to stop here for now but next post we’ll talk about a few more scavenger hunt ideas (On-Campus hunts for pub crawls or school tours, teenage or adult parties, retreats/church youth group activities, and even for educational purposes!) before getting into more detail about them all. Stay tuned! :)