Scavenger Hunt around Town

Scavenger hunts can be used for so many different occasions and events including:
– Easter Scavenger Hunt
– Birthdays
– Anniversaries
– Team Building
– Bachelorettes
– For some general fun
and many more events…

There are so many different ways that you can run a scavenger hunt these days, however now that the majority of the population has access to a cell phone, why not save yourself some trouble setting up a scavenger hunt with paper clues all over the city and have automatic clues sent via the cell phone? This can be done through an easy-to-use tool called TextClues. With TextClues, all you have to do is input the cell phone #s of who will be participating in the event, enter all of the clues, schedule the scavenger hunt and away you go!  If you want scavenger hunt teams to not necessarily set off on the hunt in the same order, you can use the Shuffle feature to mix up the clues so everybody will be running around town in all sorts of different ways.

Once you have the teams setup, and everyone setup on TextClues, it is time to start the scavenger hunt around town. Away you go!!!

Clue: Collect a take-out menu from a pizza shop. Reply “done” without quotations when found.
Answer: Done
Clue: Collect a coaster from a local pub or restaurant. Reply “done” when found.
Answer: Done
Clue: Take a group photo with a statue. Reply “done” when complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Collect a flyer for an upcoming event in the city. Reply “done” when found.
Answer: Done
Clue: Take a photo with a man or woman wearing a pink shirt. Reply “done” when complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Purchase an item that cost less than $0.50 and keep the receipt. Reply “done” when complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Take a photo with someone’s pet. Reply “done” when complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Collect the business card for a chinese restaurant. Reply “done” when complete.
Answer: Done
Winning Clue: Head on back to Joe’s apartment to see if you are the first one back to win the prize!!!

The clues can so easily be tailored to places that might be convenient and accessible around your city or town.  A scavenger hunt can be created within a matter of minutes, but can provide fun and entertainment for a group of people for hours! Use TextClues and a scavenger hunt for your next event, and we guarantee you will have a very satisfied group of people that will be craving for more!

Text Message Math Quiz

You can use TextClues to send your son or daughter a text message math quiz to test the skills they’ve learned in the classroom. Here’s an example with some geometry questions:

Question: Welcome to the cell phone math quiz! No calculators are allowed. First question, how many sides does a pentagon have? Reply with the answer.

Answer: 5

Question: What’s the sum of angles inside a triangle?

Answer: 180, 180 degrees

Question: What’s the square root of 36?

Answer: 6

Question: What’s the remainder when dividing 22 by 10

Answer: 2

Question: What’s 3 x 4 + 7 – 8 x 2?

Answer: 3

Question: What’s pi to two decimal places?

Answer: 3.14

Question: What’s the area of a square with side lengths of 7?

Answer: 49

Question:  What’s the perimeter of a square with side lengths of 8?

Answer: 32

Question: Give a circle has a radius of 5. What’s the circle’s diameter?

Answer: 10

Question: For a rectangle with side lengths 4 and 3, what’s the length of the diagonal from one corner to the other? (Hint: use the Pythagorean theorem)

Answer: 5

Winning Message: Congratulations! You’re a math whiz! Come to the kitchen to get your prize

To create your own fun text message math game try our demo.

Father’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Continuing the theme of Father’s Day, here are some more ideas for scavenger hunts for dad on his special day.  With Textclues set up your clues ahead of time, make sure he’s got his cell phone and sit back and watch the fun.


Give him clues that lead him all over the house and plant a few outside too. Each clue should lead him to the answer, and at the end of the hunt you could have a gift bag with his cards & gifts inside.   Here are some ideas using clues and riddles.  With some of the clues the answers are written on paper and dad would text back the answer, then he would receive a text with a riddle to solve, after solving it then the new clue would be sent by text to him and so on until the scavenger hunt is done.  Just explain to him he has to reply to the text with the answer each time to get the next clue.

Here’s a sample

Clue:  For your first clue go check the garage and look under the car, text the word that you see written on paper there

Answer:  (written on a note under the car):  Shoe


Clue:  Solve this riddle for the next clue:  A farmer had seventeen sheep, all but nine died, how many did he have left?

Answer:  nine, 9


Clue:  Well done!  Now go find the white shoe which has the next clue and reply with it too.  (Hint) check the laundry room

Answer (written on paper hidden in shoe):  Deck


Clue:  Another riddle for you:  Take off my skin – I won’t cry, but you will, what am I?

Answer:  An onion


Clue:   Outside on the deck under the BBQ I want you to check, whatever you find text me back

Answer:  cup


Clue:  Can you answer this riddle:  What can you catch but not throw?

Answer:  A cold


Clue:   Check the cupboard where the cup belongs and look up, text me the word you find there

Answer: ” Teapot”  (write this word on a piece of paper you can stick to above the shelf holding the cups in the cupboard)


Clue:  You’re good at riddles so I’ll test you on this one:  What travels around the world yet stays in one corner?

Answer:  A Stamp



Clue:  The teapot contains a nice clue which tells you the next thing to do, look for it & once you find it text the answer which is inside.

Answer:  Basement


Clue:  The basement has your next clue, check beside the light and we’ll see if you get it right, text the word you see there

Answer:  Mirror


Clue:  Beside one of the mirrors in our house is the last clue you’ll need to do, when you see what is says text your answer and receive your last riddle to answer for a prize.

Answer:  Prize


Clue:  Here is your last riddle to solve:  What has to be broken before it’s consumed?

Answer:  An egg


When he answer this last riddle, a text is sent leading him to his card and gift.

Final Text:  Congratulations dad!  Check inside the trunk of the car for your gift!!

Try a free demo now.

Bachelorette or Girl’s Night Out

It’s a girls night out – perhaps a bachelorette party or even just a night out on the town and you and the girls want to make things interesting ;) Why not make a little game/hunt out of the outing? It’s a hassle to have to carry a pen and paper out to a lounge/bar/restaurant however we all know that we MUST carry our cell phones and cameras on a girl’s night out/bachelorette party to capture the moments of the night (although, perhaps some of the photos may be a “what happens this night, stays amongst the group” kind of night :) TextClues is the perfect tool to use for your night out – all you need is your cell phone and away you go :)

How would this work? Start by thinking of different things you girls might want to capture and find of the night.  Once you have this in place, all you need to do is set up the clues on the easy-to-use TextClues screens, schedule the hunt for when you want it to occur, enter in the phone numbers of your friends, and away you go ;)

Here’s just a little example of how you would use the tool for your night out :)  We’ll assume that you are already at the venue that the party is to take place.

Clue: Welcome to Girls Night Out, Addition 1 of many. We’ll start easy – Head to the bar, each girl buys a shot, and get someone to take a photo of you girls. Type “done” once complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Perfect! Next, one of the girls has to find a guy to dance with her. Take a photo to capture this. Type “done” once complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Great! Get one or more girls to get on the stage or podium and dance away ;) Take a photo to capture this. Type “done” once complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Head back to the bar. Get the bartender to make you girls a special drink. Take a photo WITH the bartender. Type “done” once complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Time to head back on to the dance floor! Find a guy to give you a kiss on the cheek. Take a photo to capture this. Type “done” once complete.
Answer: Done
Clue: Great job! Now enjoy the rest of the night and make it one you’ll always remember :)

When you and the girls get back home, you’ll have all of your photos to re-live the night and remember how much fun you guys all had going out. Or, if it is for a bachelorette party, the bride-to-be will have photos to always remember this night out :) TextClues can help make this a night to always remember, so try it out today and you won’t regret it!

An Amazing Race using Text Messages

Here’s an idea for a fun activity for a group of friends: set up an Amazing Race using TextClues. First, split everyone into teams. The leader of each team needs a cell phone to answer the text message challenges. You’ll want to have clues that lead the teams on an amazing race all over the city.

Before you start the race, you’ll want all the teams to compete in a contest to determine who gets a head start. This can be a trivia game or each team can dress up in matching costumes Parcours Obstacle Gonflable and you judge which team looks the best. Based on the scores, you can stagger the teams so that one leaves every 5 minutes, so they don’t all race off at the same time. You can schedule all the text hunts to start at the same time but just don’t give them the envelope with the first clue until they leave.

It’s up to you whether you want all the teams to have clues in the same order, but we do have a “shuffle” button if you want to randomize the clues for each team.You’ll want to come up with a scoring system. Each team has three tries for each clue, so you can give them 3 points if they get it right on the first try, 2 points on the second try, or 1 point on the third try. Finally, there should be a bonus for the time taken for each team to finish the amazing race and get back to the starting point. You could make this a percentage bonus to prevent teams from just guessing everything wrong but finishing first.

Here are some ideas for clues you could use:

Clue: Welcome to the 2012 Amazing Race. Check for the first clue in your envelope. (Inside the envelope you have the clue: Head west 10 blocks. What year was the church built?)

Answer: 1967

Clue: Head north to the park. Mike will be waiting for a game of bean bag toss. He’ll tell you the answer when you finish the game.

Answer: Mike is awesome

Clue: Good job. Now head to the fair trade coffee house where we always meet up with Liz. On the wall they have a picture of a plantation from what country?

Answer: Brazil

Clue: Head to the high school track and meet Jen. You guys will have to run some laps :) She’ll tell you the answer when you finish your sprints.

Answer: Jen rocks

Clue: How many tennis courts are on the other side of the school?

Answer: three, 3

Clue: Head south 6 blocks until you reach a park. What’s it called?

Answer: Jacob’s Park

Clue: Head to the baseball stadium. How many years has it been open?

Answer: 34

Clue: Use the pay phone to call Mike. Everyone on the team has to talk to him to make sure you’re all still there.

Answer: Subway

Clue: Yes hop on the subway and take it north 3 stops. Head into the shopping mall. What’s the name of the hair dresser up on the third floor.

Answer: Antonio’s

Winning Message: Alright you’re done! Now run back to the start of the race before the others make it back!


Try our demo to see how to create a text message amazing race.

Trivia Night

You’re holding a trivia night with numerous people, however there are always a few challenges surrounding it.
1) If there are teams, and you are calling out the question, and the team that raises their hand first gets to answer, what do you do if multiple people raise their hand to answer the question first? Who gets to answer first?
2) If you are making individuals write out their answers individually to the questions, this requires time to collect team answers and mark the answers which wastes the time overall of people taking part in trivia night

Why not use a quick and easy program like TextClues to go through trivia night? TextClues is a text-message based program that can run on any mobile phone, so anybody with a cell phone can participate on the fun during Trivia Night :) With TextClues, you can have all of the questions and answers set up via the TextClues website. All *you* will need to do as the host is grab the cell phone numbers of participating individuals and away you go!

The best way to make this work is to have a few different rounds. One round can be trivia questions, another round can be “Name that song”, where you play a clip of a song and individuals need to figure out the title of the song. You can also use the Real-Time Dashboard on the website to determine who entered in the correct answers at the end of Trivia Night, if points are given based on the team with the most correct answers.

Let’s show you how this can be done. I’m using the word “pass” as an alternate answer to each question, so if the team does not know the answer to a question, they can type “pass” and  still continue on with trivia night

Question: Welcome to Trivia Night. Here is your first question. In what year did the War of 1812 end?
Answer: 1815, pass
Question: What was the name of the first Beatle’s album?
Answer: Anthology, pass

<song portion of trivia night>
Host: Now, we will play a clip of each song and you must type in the correct title

Question: Name song 1 <play clip of a song>
Answer: Sexy back
Question: Name song 2 <play clip of a song>
Answer: Hey Jude

At the end of it all, you can go through the answers with the crowd, while also looking at the Real-Time dashboard to see who got the most questions right.  Pretty easy to set up right? :) Try out TextClues for your next trivia night, and you won’t want to stop using it for future nights because we make it *that* easy!

City or Campus Tour

Are you trying to organise a city tour, a campus tour, or just a general tour of an area for individuals but you don’t know where to start?  Are you trying to organise a tour of your facilities so that you don’t necessarily need to be physically present on the tour, but at the same time ensure to give your guests a good experience of your facilities or surroundings?
Using an easy-to-use tool like TextClues, it can organise a tour for your group in a way that you wouldn’t normally have expected!

TextClues can be used in two ways for a tour:
1) To help guide individuals from one location to another that are new to the area
2) To determine whether individuals within a certain location remember where facilities and specific points of interests are (if they have already been on a tour)

Both of the above would be setup in the same way, however it is simply a matter of how you would word your clues.  We’ll give examples of both, but we’ll start off with a completely new group wanting to tour around an area for the first time on their own…

Say, for example, you are a tour company, and want to provide customers the ability to take tours on their own time, stroll through the streets at their own pace, but still make use of your touring service. You could easily have users subscribe to a specific “tour hunt” via TextClues that will bring them to interesting attractions around your city

Here’s an example for the city of Toronto:

Clue: The tour begins in the heart of Chinatown – Dundas and Spadina. Do you see the big tall tower (aka CN Tower) south of you? Walk down Spadina towards this tower. Take time to stroll down the street, go into some shops/markets, and enjoy a fresh drink. When you’re done, text “yum”
Answer: Yum
Clue: Have you reached the big tall Tower yet? If not, keep going until you are at its base :) Take time to take some photos and if you are up for it, have a ride up the tower too! When you’re done with the area, text “yay”
Answer: Yay

Now, if you want to test out some students at a campus, to see how familiar they are with a building, you can make it a bit more interactive :) Fictional campus used in the below example.

Clue: Start at the main campus. Go to the building on campus that has a cannon outside of the building. What year is found on the cannon?
Answer: 1853
Clue: Great job! Now, where on campus can you buy a nice big smoothie? Go there now and tell is the best selling item.
Answer: Fruity Blast

As you can see, you can have all sorts of fun creating a scavenger hunt/text messaging tour and make the tour go any way you would like it ;) And with TextClues, the organisation of it all just makes it *that* much easier.  Try it out today and you will see how easy you can have it work for you too.

Summer Camp Text Scavenger Hunt

Camp CreekA scavenger hunt is a great way to get kids aquainted to a new camp. They can be used for camp orientation or to get the kids to explore areas of the camp they have never been before. You can ask them questions about landmarks and get them to learn what the camp has to offer.

You can use TextClues to send the clues by text message, but just make sure you have cell phone reception at the camp!

Here’s an example hunt that needs a compass:

Clue: Head north for 10 minutes until you reach water. What’s the name of this creek? Reply with the answer.

Answer: Five mile creek

Clue: How many swinging ropes are attached to the tree nearby?

Answer: 3, three

Clue: Good. Now head west upstream. How many kayaks are on the bank?

Answer: 11, eleven

Clue: Good. Walk a little further and cross over the bridge to the other side. What’s carved on the top of the totem pole?

Answer: Eagle

Clue: Good. Follow the path and when you reach the fork in the road look down and tell me what’s growing below the sign.

Answer: MushroomsMushrooms

Clue: Yes. Alright, go right at the fork and keep walking until you reach a clearing in the forest.  What’s in the middle of the clearing?

Answer: fire pit, pit

Clue: We’re going to use that for the bonfire tonight. What kind of tree has white peeling bark?

Answer: Birch, Birch tree

Clue: Good. Find one and peel a bit of the dried bark off. We’ll use that for fire kindling later. Head to the flag pole. What year is engraved on the plaque?

Answer: 1973

Winning Message:  That’s when the camp was founded. Now follow the trail east. When you reach the lodge go inside for lunch!

Church Youth Group Activities: Bible Text Message Quiz


A great interactive way to get your church youth group reading the bible and learning about the faith is a TextClues bible quiz. You’ll need everyone to have a cell phone so they can send/receive text messages. Then create a scavenger hunt with clues that tell them where to read in the bible to answer.

The great thing about this is everyone proceeds at their own pace. Also it feels less like a test and more like a fun learning experience.

Here’s an example of a bible quiz with an Easter theme:

Clue: What did Jesus use in the Last Supper as a symbol of his body? (Matthew 26:26)
Answer: bread
Clue: What was Judas given to betray Jesus? (Matthew 26:14-15)
Answer: coins, silver
Clue: What color was the robe they placed on Jesus? (Mark 15:17)
Answer: purple
Clue: What was Jesus’ crown made of? (Matthew 27:29)
Answer: thorns
Clue: What was Jesus hung on? (John 19:17-18)
Answer: crossJesus on the cross
Clue: What did they use to put Jesus on the cross? (John 20:25)
Answer: nails
Clue: What was rolled away from the tomb on Easter morning? (Matthew 27:59-60)
Answer: stone, rock
Clue: What did they find in the tomb on the 3rd day after Jesus died? (Luke 24:3)
Answer: nothing, empty
Clue: Who denied Jesus 3 times? (Matthew 26:75)
Answer: Peter

Click here to try the free demo on your cell phone.

Car Rally Scavenger Hunt

Car rallies can be used for all sorts of events and occasions – birthday parties, school or church retreats, or just general fun get togethers.  How does a car rally work?  It is basically a scavenger hunt, however done by using a car to get from one destination to another.  Thus, it should typically last a couple of hours.  It is also done with at least 2 or more people per car, as the clues tend to be a bit trickier and need some team work to figure out where the next destination should be ;)

A few important things to consider with a car rally:
1) Where should the end destination be (the last clue should lead to this place :) assuming a place that everybody participating in the car rally should gather at the end for some more fun ;)
2) The team that arrives at the end destination first is the winner! However… the below should be considered!
3) If someone on the car rally gets stuck with a clue and has absolutely no idea where to go for the next clue, there should be a contact person that teams should be able to contact, if they need some help – of course, penalties should be put in place, if someone needs to call in for help :) e.g.: if a team calls in for help, that team has 10 minutes added to their end time. So, if a team ends up finishing the hunt in 2 hours, but has called in once for help, their end time is 2 hours and 10 minutes.  If another team arrives at the end destination at 2 hours and 5 minutes, with no calls for help, they would be the official winners!
4) Do you want to include props as part of the hunt? e.g.: teams need to take pictures at specific destinations or buy items from a certain store? If so, the teams need to be provided with cameras or have cameras on hand and ensure that teams have money available with them to use for purchases on the hunt.

Let’s end off this post with a car rally example :)

Clue: We’ll start off easy – Sometimes you throw a dart at me, others use me for shooting practice. I am a…
Answer: Target
Clue: Correct! Go to the nearest Target store and tell me what kid’s item takes up the most space in the store.
Answer: Bicycles, bikes, bike, bicycle
Clue: Great! Now, get on one of those bikes and take a picture with your team ;) Where in the area is a good trail to take a bike?
Answer: Stoney Creek, Stoneys
Clue: Perfect – get going to the creek now. And reply with “yes” when you arrive there
Answer: Yes
Clue: Great – Go to the area where you can rent boats. How many statues are surrounding the cabin?
Answer: 5, five
Clue: Thats right! Take a silly team picture amongst the statues. What is the cheapest item you can buy inside the cabin?
Answer: key chain, keychain
Clue: Yup! Go buy me a nice keychain as a souvenir :) Next up, are you getting rather hungry? There was a movie called “Super Size Me” based on this franchise.
Answer: McDonald’s, McDonalds, Mc Donalds, Mc Donald’s
Clue: Thats right! Go to the closest McDonald’s and take a picture with one of the employees. Type “ok” without the quotes when this has been done.
Answer: ok
Clue: Hope the employee didnt find you too odd :P It’s time for some fun! Which playground can you find a water slide?
Answer: Raven Park, Raven
Clue: Right! Hop on over there and take a picture of your team mates playing in the playground. Type “ok” without the quotes when done
Answer: “ok”
Clue: I normally slither around, but you can get a good drink out of me.
Answer: Snake’s bar
Clue: That’s right! Head on there now for a drink or two, and find out what place you’ve come in. Don’t forget to buy me a drink :)

And that’s a simple car rally :) No need to leave paper trails around the city with a tool like Text Clues. We do the work for you :)  Try it out today, and you’ll make your next event out one for your group of friends or club to remember!