Museum Scavenger Hunt

Interested in a fun and educational day out with your kids? Well with a little bit of time you can create a fun day they won’t forget. The only problem is they might keep asking for another scavenger hunt as soon as possible!

Museums are great places for kids to learn because they are so interesting once you get the kids engaged. TextClues is a great new way to use technology to get kids interested in the exhibits and excited about learning. It allows you to create clues that will be sent to any mobile phone using text messages. When you answer a clue correctly the next clue is sent and when you answer it incorrectly it tells you to “try again”. You can see it in action using the demo.

This allows you to create a brand new experience for your kids that is sure to amaze.  They will be wondering how you did it. You can even say that the questions are coming from an adventurer who needs answers to his/her important questions.

It will only take a short visit to the museum beforehand to prepare the adventure. Quickly go through the museum and pick out interesting facts that you know your child would be interested in. If you are going with a few children then you might want to pick out different clues for each one. You will be able to enter all these clues into the computer in minutes then schedule the hunt to start when you’re heading to the museum.

As you walk through the museum with the kids you can enjoy each exhibit together and they will be excitedly looking for the answer to their next clue.

Here’s an example of how a hunt might start:

Clue: Hi, my name is Dr. Swill. I am an explorer and I need your help! Could you find some answers for me at the museum today? Please tell me “yes”

Answer: Yes

Clue: Perfect! When you first walk into the door you will see a big dinosaur skeleton. What is that dinosaur’s name?

Answer: trex, tyrannosaurus

Clue: Ahh just as I expected. Now can you find the name of the woman who helped Louis and Clark along their journey? …

Church Youth Group Activities: Bible Text Message Quiz


A great interactive way to get your church youth group reading the bible and learning about the faith is a TextClues bible quiz. You’ll need everyone to have a cell phone so they can send/receive text messages. Then create a scavenger hunt with clues that tell them where to read in the bible to answer.

The great thing about this is everyone proceeds at their own pace. Also it feels less like a test and more like a fun learning experience.

Here’s an example of a bible quiz with an Easter theme:

Clue: What did Jesus use in the Last Supper as a symbol of his body? (Matthew 26:26)
Answer: bread
Clue: What was Judas given to betray Jesus? (Matthew 26:14-15)
Answer: coins, silver
Clue: What color was the robe they placed on Jesus? (Mark 15:17)
Answer: purple
Clue: What was Jesus’ crown made of? (Matthew 27:29)
Answer: thorns
Clue: What was Jesus hung on? (John 19:17-18)
Answer: crossJesus on the cross
Clue: What did they use to put Jesus on the cross? (John 20:25)
Answer: nails
Clue: What was rolled away from the tomb on Easter morning? (Matthew 27:59-60)
Answer: stone, rock
Clue: What did they find in the tomb on the 3rd day after Jesus died? (Luke 24:3)
Answer: nothing, empty
Clue: Who denied Jesus 3 times? (Matthew 26:75)
Answer: Peter

Click here to try the free demo on your cell phone.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas Part Two

As promised, I’m continuing my discussion on some brief ideas for making use of a scavenger hunt :)

On-Campus Hunts:
Text message scavenger hunts can be used in so many different ways on-campus (or really, at any university, college, school or general club/organisation :)
Student councils are always trying to think of fun and different ways of engaging students in activities.  Why not use a scavenger hunt to:
– Put together a pub crawl: use the hunt to lead students from one pub to the next, using different clues to help point students in the right direction
– Campus tour: Why not make a campus tour a bit more exciting? They don’t always have to be long and boring ;) Have the students follow along the hunt – this way, they will learn more about the campus and remember their surroundings better for the future

Teenage or Adult Parties:
I went to a birthday party once where it was setup like a city race.  We had to log all of our answers into a website (that was built specifically for this hunt) and the next clue would then show up once the correct answer was inputted.  Clues were setup to bring the teams to different locations across the city using public transportation.  Why not just use an easy-to-use and already-made tool like to bring your party to life?

Educational purposes:
Do you want to try to make learning fun for your kids? Try making some practice homework assignments, such as the multiplication table, a bit more fun (and surprising) for your kids!  Make it into a game by creating a text scavenger hunt that can occur at any time of day.  This way – the kids will have fun at the same time as doing something educational.

I know, this was all somewhat brief however the next few posts will provide specific examples on how to make use of a scavenger hunt for any of these ideas.  We’ll start off with kid’s birthday parties and how you can make it fun and enjoyable for all participating kids.  Stay tuned ;)