Create an Audio Tour

We love helping people make scavenger hunts.

Over the years we’ve noticed that people use for all sorts of projects, activities and events. A short list of examples include:

  • Corporate events
  • Romantic gifts
  • Fun day activity for kids
  • Tours around museums and art events
  • Educational exams for kids
  • Feedback surveys

The creativity of our users always surprises and excites us. We’re glad that people not only use TextClues to create scavenger hunts but also for a number of other activities.

We specifically noticed more people using TextClues as a way to have a fun experience at museums and art galleries. This interest makes we want to introduce a great new tool for making educational and entertaining tours –! is a tool that lets anyone create an audio tour for free in minutes. There is no need to record you voice either – once you type the text the audio is created using state of the art technology. Creating an audio tour is simple:

  1. You sign up and verify your email address
  2. You add a title, description and image to describe the tour
  3. You add a title, description and image for each stop along the tour
  4. You share you tour and teach people something new!

So if you have any interest in creating an audio guide for your organization or even you should do it now, it’ll only take a minute!

Create a free audio tour now!