Special Mother’s Day Treasure Hunt

Mother’s day is coming up in a few days. Here’s an example of a text message scavenger hunt you could send her on that special day.

Clue: Hey Mom, Happy Mother’s Day! Ready for your scavenger hunt? Reply ‘yes’ to this textMother's Day Kiss

Answer: Yes

Clue: How many pounds did I weigh when I was born?

Answer: 8

Clue: Good you remembered :) What’s your favorite restaurant?

Answer: The Keg

Clue: That’s where we’re taking you tonight! What’s on the picture in the family room?

Answer: Cottage, The Cottage

Clue: Remember all the good times we had there with grandma? What bird swam in the lake and made a call in the morning?

Answer: Loon

Clue: Another bird question :) What colorful bird do we always see eating at the bird feeder in the backyard?

Answer: Red Cardinal

Clue: Okay go look under the couch for a surprise. Reply ‘found’ when you find it

Answer: Found

Clue: Hope you like the chocolates! Come give me a hug and text back what what I say

Answer: I love youMother's Day Flowers

Clue: Go down to the basement. What’s hidden by the freezer?

Answer: Flowers

Clue:  Those should look good in the kitchen. Head to the dining room and look at the pictures. What sunny place did we go last year?

Answer: Mexico

Winning Message: That was such a great trip. Now go upstairs. There’s one last surprise waiting for you under your bed!

If you want to create your own text message hunt try our free demo.