Scavenger Hunt Clues that Rhyme are Always a Good Time

One easy way to make your scavenger hunt riddles and clues a little more fun is by adding rhyming to the equation. A well timed rhyme will have any hunter smiling in no time. The great thing about adding rhymes is that it’s not difficult at all! In fact you’ll find yourself having a blast while creating new clues.

The easiest way to create a good rhyming clue is to start by writing it out just as you regularly would. Now have a look and see if there are any obvious ways you could add to or rearrange the clue to make a rhyme. Focus on short simple words because these are often the easiest to rhyme. If you’re still stuck I find it really helps to use a tool like Rhyme Zone. There you can type in any word from your clue and find all the words that rhyme. This really helps give you inspiration and almost always outlines a word that you missed. Also don’t be afraid of rewriting your clue once you see some ideas on Rhyme Zone… or better yet once you think of some great phrases.

If you want some simple examples check out our demo where you’ll find an example hunt with some simple rhymes. I hope it convinces you to incorporate rhyming into your next hunt!