Fill in the blank scavenger hunt

Here’s an idea for a fun text message scavenger hunt where the player has to fill in the blanks to win:


Clue: Skittles. Taste the ______

Answer: rainbow

Clue: Hasta la vista, ____

Answer: baby

Clue: M&M’s melt in your mouth, not in your ____

Answer: hand, hands

Clue: May the ____ be with you

Answer: force

Clue: A martini. Shaken, not ______

Answer: stirred

Clue: E.T. ____ home

Answer: phone

Clue: ______. It keeps on going and going and going and going.

Answer: Energizer

Clue: They’re always after me ____ charms

Answer: lucky

Clue: Snap. ____. Pop

Answer: Crackle

Clue: You sunk my _____

Answer: battleship

I hope that gives you some ideas. Check out TextClues to create your own text message scavenger hunt!