Corporate Team Building Activity: SMS Scavenger Hunt

With weather as nice as we have been having lately, there is no better time to have a team building or corporate scavenger hunt at your company! Instead of being confined within your office building, why not have the hunt occur out on the streets/within the city (if your location permits). A text scavenger hunt allows for people in your department to enjoy some fresh air, have a nice change of scenery, and have a fun day out with their team!

Now, when you first bring up “scavenger hunt” with your department, they may be a bit hesitant or unsure of how they feel about it – they may feel like it is childish, or would rather not participate in such events.  But I can guarantee you that once they get into the hunt, and become slightly more competitive by wanting to beat their fellow colleagues to win the hunt, they will be sure to have blast by the end of it all! Our website, TextClues, makes it super easy to create a scavenger hunt because you do not need to leave a paper trail of clues around the building or city (wherever the hunt is taking place) instead we let you send text messages to each team’s cell phone for the hunt, so the setup is quick and easy!

How should you set this all up?

  • Begin with finding out how many participants will be available to participate in your event (block off time in your teams calendar for a good two hours so that the team will have to join in on the team building experience!).  Once, you know the number of people, you can split off each team into smaller groups of 4 – 5 (or they can be larger or smaller depending on the number of people you are working with).
  • Determine the end location of your hunt
  • Where you want the hunt to take place? In your building, on your floor, or out on the streets
  • Think of whether you want to include any props within your hunt: e.g.: camera for your team to take photos during the hunt

Let’s give an example of how the hunt can work:

Clue: What year was the company founded? Hint: you may find this on a plaque on the outside of our building – respond with the answer

Answer: 2005

Clue: Great job! Now, go to our favorite coffee shop that we order coffee from for team meetings and take a team photo with the server. Reply with “done” when complete.

Answer: Done

Clue: Perfect. Head on over to the building where most of our town hall meetings take place and respond with the animal that appears outside the door.

Answer: Bull

Clue: Great! Now go on inside the building and find the stationary store. Purchase the cheapest possible item you can inside the store and respond with “done” when complete.

Answer: Done

Clue: Head back to the Thursday night pub that is a favorite of our department. First one back wins the prize, and gets first dibs on the appetizers! :)


Team building activities are an important part of any organization:

  • They help your department members get to know each other and have a fun time outside of a work setting to ensure morale is kept up
  • They let the department reward the time and effort the team puts into working with the company, and that you want to show them how much you appreciate their hard work

Scavenger hunts are the perfect team building exercise because it allows individuals within a team to work together to find out the answer to the next clue and build some overall team spirit. Use TextClues for your next scavenger hunt, and we can guarantee you that this will make scavenger hunts such a breeze for your company, and enjoyable for the employees, that you will be coming back each year for more!